The Werebears

Once upon a time a toy maker called Baron Egon Baconburger created five cuddly, soft teddy bears for the poor children of his village.

Just as the Baron had finished his creation, he began to feel peculiar and under the light of the full moon, he changed into a werewolf. A spell that had befallen his family had been passed to him and little did he know that it would also pass to the cute little teddy bears.

The Werebears were born.

In a bid to put things right, the Baron asked Witch Hazel to create a spell to reverse the effects but the dastardly Witch created the Terrible Teds to kill the Werebears and made things a whole lot worse…

The Werebears creator was none other that George Nicholas. In 1983 the adventure began in a shed in Kirby, Liverpool, where George and a small team of cartoonists would work tirelessly to create comic books for children featuring the scary bunch. 

The Werebears became a global hit and Hornby bought the license to create the Werebears toys.

Today, due to a loyal fanbase and growing demand, George is set to revive the Werebears with an addition to the team. Wendy.

Wendy Werebear will climb aboard to knock the rest of the gang into shape and embark on a whole new series of adventures.

New website for The Werebears coming soon…